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SMOK Kronos

199,- 499,-
Det er en ekte mekanisk mod av rustfritt stål. Ingen PCB inne i den. 
Så produktets levetid er mye lengre enn andre MOD som inneholder PCB.

Kronos Modes største funksjon er:
Det er en omnidapter som kommer med modet, med denne ominidapteren, 
kan et UNPROTECTED 18500 eller 18350 li-ion batteri fungere perfekt i langmetallrøret.
uten denne ominidapteren, er et 18650 li-ion batteri tillatt.

Denne moden kommer med en 510 / ego-kontakt 
som passer til de fleste 510 / ego fordamper

INGEN batteri kommer med mod'en.

* Brukere må bruke PROTECTED li-ion batteri på produktet.
* Produktet kan eksplodere hvis du bruker ubeskyttet li-ion-batteri.
* Vi er IKKE ansvarlige for eventuelle skader forårsaket av feilbruk av batteriet.

Merke: Smoktech
Enhet: 1 SET
Størrelse: Lengde 114mm Diameter 30mm
Threading: 510 / ego
Farge: Rustfritt
Fraktvekt: 375g
Pakke: Pappboks


SMOK founded in 2010 is the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, which is professional in electronic cigarette research and development, production and sales in all markets worldwide. SMOK centres on electronic cigarette technology research and development, focuses on brand building and sales channels development and management home and abroad and continue to innovate, and then SMOK products are enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide, making SMOK a first class global brand in the electronic cigarette industry in just 7 short years.

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SMOK has established a complete customer service system to make sure cooperation smoothly and efficiently. SMOK not only focuses on design and quality, but also provides first class customer service for customers to achieve a win-win situation. SMOK believes that choosing customers is choosing friends, choosing SMOK is choosing a trustworthy friend.

SMOK is dedicated to creating new vaping experiences for our customers. Focusing on product quality and safety and taking better vaping experience in all aspects to customers as our goal to strive for.