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Bowman Spescialised Liquids UK Labs e-juice hos Edamp Bergen

About Bowman Specialised Liquids

Bowman Specialised liquids was formed with the mission of providing high quality e-liquids to the electronic cigarette market. 

We pride ourselves on our liquid made in the United Kingdom with locally sourced ingredients such as high quality monoproplyene glycol and medical-grade 9200 Glyerine.

Our passion for quality has led to us going to great lengths to ensure quality control through rigorous factory and supply chain auditing in addition to regular pharmacological mass specifications on each batch of e-liquid we produce.

This passion was derived from the fact that most of the Bowman Specialised Liquids team are heavy vapers themselves. After doing tests on a number of big brand e-liquids and receiving tests littered with anomalies and contaminants, in addition to inconsistent nicotine dosages, we decided that the way forward was to produce the liquids within the United Kingdom where we could control and regulate every aspect of production ourselves, rather than trusting the word of other manufacturers.

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